Farm to Table Recipes

Refrigerator Pickles (we borrowed this recipe from Susan Clark in Rayville, LA)

It is wonderful!

Slice Cucumbers thinly-thinner the better! We use  2-3 average sized cucumbers and put in a mason jar. 

-Add 4-5 table spoons of salt (we used more then this- we like to cover them in salt!)

Cover them with water and let them sit for an hour or two in the jar inside your fridge. 

Next, strain the water but leave the salt on the cucumbers. 

Add 2 cups of sugar (Yes!! 2 cups!!!)

Add 1 cup of vinegar (or enough to almost submerge the cucumbers)

Add in sliced white onion. I normally do half an onion.

Add in a few sprigs of fresh dill (I ended up having to use a table spoon of dried dill from the grocery and it was just fine.

Mix all together inside mason jar. Cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours.